Infinix Zero Book 13: Unbelievable Performance and Price

Introducing the new Infinix Zero Book 13, a laptop that defies all expectations when it comes to price-to-performance ratio. with intel i9 13th generation, Prepare to be astounded as we delve into the impressive specifications of this powerhouse, all while keeping the price in mind. In this blog post, we will explore the features, performance, design, and value offered by the Infinix Zero Book 13, a laptop that raises the bar for work-oriented machines in its price range.

Infinix Zero Book 13
source: Infinix

Unparalleled Performance Ft. Infinix Zero Book 13

Despite its impressive specifications, one would naturally assume that the Infinix Zero Book 13 would carry a price tag well above 1 lakh rupees. However, the introductory launch price of Rs 81,999 is nothing short of astonishing. When compared to popular laptops in the same price range, such as Dell and HP models, it becomes evident that they are equipped with lower-tier processors like the 13th-gen Core i7 U-series or Core i5 P-series. Even the VivoBook S15, boasting an OLED screen and a Core i5 8th generation processor, falls short when it comes to matching the raw power of the Zero Book 13.

Infinix Zero Book 13 specifications

Additionally, the Zero Book 13 offers more RAM, which is also faster, and provides greater storage capacity, all while being more affordable.

Unbelievable Pricing

At the heart of the Zero Book 13 lies the 13th generation Intel Core i9-3900H series processor, boasting an astounding 14 cores, 20 threads, and a turbo clock speed of 5.4 GHz. This powerhouse of a processor, combined with the RSX Graphics, delivers flagship-grade performance. Accompanying this processing prowess is a generous 32GB LPDDR5X RAM operating at a speedy 5200 MHz, ensuring the Infinix Zero Book 13’s smooth multitasking and seamless performance. Furthermore, the laptop features a lightning-fast 1TB Gen 4 SSD, providing ample storage space and rapid data access.

Infinix Zero Book 13 pricing

Solid Performance and Benchmark Scores

The 13th-gen Core i9 processor of the Zero Book 13 showcases impressive benchmark scores, with around 2K in single-core and 14K in multi-core performance on Geekbench.

Infinix Zero Book 13 Geekbench score
Geekbench score

The Cinebench score also stands out, highlighting the laptop’s capability for day-to-day tasks.

Infinix Zero Book 13 Cinebench score
Cinebench score

Furthermore, CrystalDiskMark benchmarks demonstrate the exceptional speed of the Gen 4 SSD, aligning with its promised performance.

Infinix Zero Book 13 CrystalMark score
CrystalMark score

In practical usage, the Zero Book 13 excels in everyday tasks, effortlessly handling multiple apps, numerous Chrome tabs, and even 4K videos, providing a lag-free experience. The laptop truly shines when used for intensive tasks, displaying outstanding performance.

Over-Boost Mode for Maximum Power

The Infinix Zero Book 13 includes an Over Boost switch, easily accessible from the side, allowing users to extract maximum performance when needed. The laptop offers three power modes: Economy, Balanced, and Overboost. While OverBoost mode delivers the highest performance, it does have an impact on battery life. Nevertheless, the ability to toggle this mode on for intensive tasks or gaming, such as playing GTA 5 with a stable FPS of around 70, ensures a seamless experience. Even when playing CS: GO, the gameplay remains smooth, although with some minor stuttering due to the demands on the CPU. The fans, while loud, do an excellent job of cooling the laptop, aided by dual fans and a heat pipe.

Infinix Zero Book 13 overclocking

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Impressive Display and Multimedia Experience

The Infinix Zero Book 13 features a 15.6-inch IPS display that offers a satisfactory brightness level of 400 nits for everyday use and multimedia consumption. The display’s 100% sRGB coverage and matte finish make it suitable for work-related tasks. Despite being a 1080p display, it delivers excellent clarity in various use cases, including web browsing and high-definition content streaming from platforms like Netflix. Infinix has prioritized the multimedia experience by incorporating a four-speaker setup—two on the front and two on the bottom—resulting in decently loud audio output. However, it’s worth noting that the sound quality could have been enhanced further for a more immersive experience.

Infinix Zero Book 13 screen

Design, Build, and User Experience

The Infinix Zero Book 13 retains the same design as its predecessor, the Zero Book Ultra, featuring a glowing zero logo on the back and a recognizable MacBook-like appearance, particularly in the keyboard and trackpad. The keyboard offers a pleasant typing experience, although it may feel slightly cramped due to accommodating the front-facing speakers. The smooth keys and decent trackpad clicks contribute to a comfortable user experience. The laptop’s build quality impresses, with an indentation on the lid and one-handed opening. However, the hinge area tends to generate more heat, while the rest of the surface remains relatively cool.

Battery Life and Additional Features

With a 70-watt-hour battery, Infinix Zero Book 13 delivers moderate battery life, as one would expect from a high-performance machine. In balanced mode, the laptop offers around four to four and a half hours of battery life, which may be considered low for a work laptop. However, this is a trade-off for the immense power it provides. The 1080p webcam and dual microphones ensure high-quality video calls and meetings. Notably, the laptop offers various additional features, including the ability to change backgrounds, facial beautification, and Center Stage-like functionality that tracks the user.

Infinix Zero Book 13 Battery

Connectivity and Ports

The Infinix Zero Book 13 embraces modern connectivity standards, featuring USB-C ports with support for PD charging and DisplayPort functionality.

Infinix Zero Book 13 Ports

It includes a power input port for the 90-watt adapter, a USB-A port, a USB-C port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Infinix Zero Book 13 Ports

Furthermore, it incorporates an SD card reader, ensuring versatile connectivity options. Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 provide seamless wireless connectivity.


In summary, Infinix Zero Book 13 stands out as a work-oriented laptop that prioritizes powerful performance above all. Its exceptional specifications, including the 13th-gen Core i9 processor, speedy RAM, and ample storage, make it a formidable competitor in its price range.

While battery life may be a compromise due to the power-hungry Core i9 chip, the Zero Book 13 excels in delivering an immersive multimedia experience with its impressive display and speaker setup. With its attractive pricing and solid advantages over the competition, the Zero Book 13 emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the sub-85k price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What makes the Infinix Zero Book 13 stand out from other laptops in its price range?

A: The Zero Book 13 sets itself apart with its powerful 13th gen Core i9 processor, speedy RAM, ample storage, and impressive display, all offered at an affordable price point.

Q: Does the Zero Book 13 offer good battery life despite its high-performance specifications?

A: While the Zero Book 13 delivers moderate battery life, it may not be on par with laptops that prioritize longer battery longevity, as its focus is primarily on providing exceptional performance.

Q: Can the Zero Book 13 handle demanding tasks such as gaming and video editing?

A: Absolutely! The Zero Book 13’s high-performance processor, robust RAM, and powerful graphics ensure smooth gaming experiences and efficient video editing capabilities.

Q: Does the Zero Book 13 support expandable storage options?

A: Yes, the Zero Book 13 features an additional SSD slot, allowing users to expand the storage capacity as per their requirements.

Q: Is Zero Book 13 suitable for multimedia consumption and content creation?

A: Certainly! The laptop’s IPS display with 100% sRGB coverage, combined with its four-speaker setup, provides an immersive multimedia experience, making it ideal for content consumption and creation.

Q: Does the Zero Book 13 offer modern connectivity options?

A: Yes, the laptop incorporates USB-C ports with PD charging and DisplayPort support, ensuring seamless connectivity. It also features Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 for reliable wireless connections.

Q: What are the Specifications of Infinix Zero Book 13?

A: Infinix Zero Book 13 is Equipped with i9 13th Generation (13900H), 400 nits FHD IPS display, 32GB LPDDR5X RAM, and 1TB Gen 4 SSD.

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